3660 Linhorst Rd. Hillsboro, MO 63050


Frequently Asked Questions

When can my ceremony start?
That depends on the time of the year! March-October ceremonies begin at 6pm.  November-February ceremonies begin at 5:30pm.

Can the dancing my dance floor be outside?
Yes, weather permitting.

When does my reception end?
Receptions end 30 minutes after the bar closes. So, the end time of your wedding will be based on which bar package you choose.

How long of a bar can I have?
We do a 4-hour open bar max, but you’re welcome to have a 3 or 3.5-hour bar package. Please refer to the beverage package options for further information!

Do I only have craft beer to choose from, or are there other options?
We highly encourage you come in for a tasting, but you’re not only limited to our craft beer. You may choose from Anheuser-Busch products. If we are unsure if an AB product is available, we will reach out to our representative and ask for you!

Do you decorate? Do you offer decorations?
We do not decorate, nor do we have any décor items. You are responsible for this.

When can I decorate the reception space?
 TBD – based on the venue package you choose and other events.

Are kids allowed?
Absolutely! We do ask that they are always supervised though, as there are places for them to get hurt.

What table sizes do you offer?
 We have round and rectangular tables! Our 5ft rounds can seat 6, 7, or 8 people and our 6ft rounds can seat 8, 9, or 10 people. The 6ft rectangle tables can seat 6, 7, or 8 people and the 8ft rectangle tables can seat 8, 9, or 10 people.

Are sparklers allowed?
They are not, but fun alternative options are bubbles, glowsticks, and LED pom pom lights!

When can my guest arrive?
For a 5:30pm ceremony, guest are welcome to start arriving at 5pm. For a 6pm ceremony, guests are welcome to start arriving at 5:30pm.

Can my guests get a drink before the ceremony?
There will be tea and water available before the bar opens, but no alcoholic drinks will be served until the contracted bar opens.

Is outside alcohol allowed?
No outside alcohol is allowed on the premises.

Who are the private ready rooms available to?
As there is limited space, we recommend only those walking in the ceremony – bridal party, parents, and grandparents.

Are drinks provided in the private ready rooms?
The mini fridges will have soda and water available. Limited beer and wine are available upon request. No red wine is permitted.

Can my guests leave their vehicles if they’ve had too much to drink?
Yes! We want all wedding attendees to be safe. We only ask that vehicles left overnight are picked before 11am the next day.

Are petals allowed to be thrown?
Absolutely, so long as they are real.

Can I have real flame candles at the reception?
Yes, but they must be in a vase or votive of some kind. No open flame/candlesticks.

Do you have overnight accommodations on the property?
We do not, but there are hotels close by in Festus, Arnold, and the Butler Hill exit off highway 55 that we recommend!

Are buses/limos permitted?
Of course! We have specific parking for buses and limos.

Can I clean up the next day?
Anything you bring in must leave with you at the end of the night. Decorations and private ready rooms must be picked up before leaving.